UAE’s Global Entrepreneur Sets New Standards for Real Estate Social Responsibility

Mohamed Alabbar Offers Complimentary Repairs for Homes Bought from His Company in the Past 25 Years Following Dubai Floods

  • Mohamed Alabbar has announced that Emaar Properties will provide complimentary repairs for all homes in his company’s communities damaged by recent flooding in Dubai.
  • Exemplifying the same vision of community support shared by the prestigious Durrës Yachts & Marina, this initiative demonstrates Alabbar’s dedication to prioritizing community well-being and safety in all his residential developments.

Dubai, UAE, April 26, 2024— Mohamed Alabbar, UAE’s global entrepreneur and visionary real estate developer, has taken a significant step to enhance community welfare by announcing complimentary repairs for homes damaged by the recent severe flooding in Dubai. This initiative, reflecting his dedication to improving and prioritizing community well-being and safety across all his real estate developments, including the prestigious Durrës Yachts & Marina, extends to all residential purchases within his company’s communities dating back 25 years.

“In response to the challenges posed by this adverse weather and heavy rains that Dubai has experienced in the past few days, I am pleased to announce that my company will undertake the repair of all properties within our communities that have been damaged by the recent rains in Dubai at its own cost to ensure that our residents can return to their daily lives as swiftly and smoothly as possible,” stated Mohamed Alabbar.

This pledge to provide timely and comprehensive support in times of need reaffirms the reputed entrepreneur and investor’s dedication to the residential communities within his developments. “We undertake to provide all possible support in such situations, including complete repair of our customers’ homes,” added Mr. Alabbar.

By covering the costs of these repairs through this pioneering initiative, Mr. Alabbar demonstrates his strong commitment to maintaining high living standards and safety in the communities where his businesses operate during difficult times.


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